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Front (left to right): Valerie; Verona; Ellen; Marilyn; Anne; Eva
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About the CCRA Board

The CCRA is a volunteer organization of retired faculty, administrative and support staff.

It was set up in 2002 by Linda Choptiany. The Centennial College Retirees was and continues to be supported by the Centennial College President’s Office and the Board of Governors.

Over the first few years, the directors drew up the Mission Statement and By-Laws. The Board organizes for its members, two luncheons and an Annual General Meeting each year. At these events, there are interesting speakers and a wonderful meal and give the retirees an opportunity to socialize with former colleagues.

The Board maintains a relationship with Centennial College through its website and use of the Horizons restaurant. Over the past few years, it has given scholarships to students who are returning to school. The Board also supports Centennial College’s Fundraising Golf Day. The current membership is about 150. There is a Board with 13 members and 2 resource people from the College, who assist us.

Mission Statement

Extract from the Constitution approved at the General Membership Meeting on October 18th, 2004. Read the full Mission Statement.


The association was set up in 2002 by Linda Choptiany and there were twelve people present at the first meeting. Within a few months, 75 members had joined.
Over the first few years, the Board of Directors developed the organization by drawing up the Mission Statement, Constitution and  By-Laws.


This website features news and links to pertinent information. Both the Newsletter and various announcements can be found here.

Social Events

On behalf of the members, the Board organizes social activities. The most popular are three luncheons each year, including one held after our Annual General Meeting. At these events, there are interesting speakers and a wonderful meal to give us an opportunity to socialize with former colleagues.

Support of the College and Students

The Board maintains a relationship with Centennial College through its website and use of the Horizons restaurant. Two College employees have been assigned who assist us in numerous ways.
Over the past few years, we have given scholarships directly to students who are returning to school. Our support of Centennial College’s Fundraising Golf Day also provides additional scholarship money.

Board Members

Ellen Bull, President

photo of Ellen Bull

I am a graduate of Centennial College’s Diploma Nursing program and started my nursing career working as a staff nurse and manager in Coronary and Emergency Care at Scarborough General Hospital. I started teaching Nursing and Paramedics at Centennial College in 1988. During my time at Centennial, I worked in program quality in the Center for Instructional Development (CID) for four years and participated in numerous GTA, provincial, national academic and inter-professional committees. I transferred to the Chair position for different departments including CE, Allied Health and Nursing in 2005. I retired in 2014 to enjoy travelling, professional activities and time with my family and friends.

Marilyn Scott, Vice President

I joined Centennial College in 2005 in the position of Chief of Staff in the President’s Office after a successful career in municipal government with the City of Toronto and the City of Markham. As a member of the President’s Executive Team, I was provided with the opportunity to contribute to a broad range of projects and initiatives affecting many areas of the College. I am particularly proud of the work I did as Chair of President Buller’s “Strong Girls Strong Women” initiative and for the creation of the President’s Student Art Program. My ten years at the College were the highlight of my working life. I am, however, enjoying retirement and particularly the gift of time which has allowed me quality time with family and friends and the joy of new adventures

Patricia Brown, Membership


Luzia Bidwell, Webmaster

Patricia Lee, Event Coordinator


Valerie Smith, Director

I was one of the faculty from Toronto East General Hospital School of Nursing who moved to Centennial College in 1973 when Nursing was absorbed into the college system. Initially, I worked in the Counselling Dept under H. Wyn Williams. A few years later I was transferred back into the Nursing faculty. I taught in a variety of areas, including serving as a coordinator, until my retirement in 1999. Professionally, I maintained an active role in the professional nursing organization, The Registered Nursing Association, serving on many committees and as President for a term. I still maintain contact with my professional organization. I am enjoying my leisure, my garden, catching up on my reading and taking occasional trips.

Eva Zehethofer, Director

I started at Centennial in 1980, teaching ESL for the Government Sponsored Programs in the old building at East York Campus. We got moved around several times over the years to five different Satellite locations ending up as LINC at the Midland Campus, where the department is still housed today. I was also active in the Faculty Union and worked on UnFettered until my retirement in 2004.

Chuck Baker, Director

I grew up in Ottawa and started my professional career teaching elementary school in remote Native Reserves in North-Western Ontario. While there I became interested in the science and art of nursing and decided to go back to school.  After receiving an undergraduate degree in nursing from Dalhousie University in Halifax I worked there in a variety of general and specialized clinical settings.  Years later, in 1986, my partner and I moved to Toronto where I started teaching full-time in the school of nursing at Centennial College.  This was a melding of nursing and teaching which felt like a perfect fit for me. For a period of time during my teaching I also worked part-time at what was then called the Scarborough Grace Hospital.

After retiring in 2012 I’ve been able to spend more time painting (watercolours and acrylics).  Others interests include hiking, canoeing, swimming, playing the piano, and cooking.

Anne Longman, Director


Michael Gauthier, Director


Dana Gour, College Resources

As a 26 year employee of Centennial College currently in the position of Manager of Alumni Engagement, I enjoy an integral role in the provision of services which supports linkages between the students and the CCSAI, the alumni and the Alumni Board of Directors, the retirees and the Retirees Board of Directors and with the College (including all Schools and departments), in support of the strategic mission and vision of the College and the Alumni Association. I am responsible for the successful planning and execution of alumni outreach programs and events that enhance alumni engagement and support resource development. I develop, organize, maintain and promote support for Centennial College through initiatives that enhance relationships with the college.