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Ontario Colleges Retirees’ Association (OCRA)

OCRA is the “voice for Ontario CAAT Retirees.”

The website is

OCRA is an organization that advocates for its members on issues of concern to community college retirees.

Membership in OCRA is open to all support, administrative, and faculty retirees from the 24 community colleges in Ontario and to retirees from related organizations who receive a pension from the CAAT Pension Plan.

OCRA works for retirees in areas such as:

  • pensions
  • health benefits
  • relationship building with organizations that can affect you as a retiree
  • local retiree association support
  • communication – via newsletters, bulletins, website, and general meetings
  • membership surveys to seek your input
  • timely assistance with pension or benefit related problems

Contact information:



OCRA corporate address
938 Highland Road
Bridgenorth, ON, K0L 1H0