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November 2020

Happy Fall to all of our members and their families! We hope that you are able to stay healthy and connected to your friends and family during this challenging time of COVID 19.  Here are a few updates from your CCRA Board.


CCRA Holiday Zoom Gathering- Dec. 16 (11 AM- 11:45 AM)

Would you like the opportunity to see and chat with some of your old friends and meet new friends as you wish them a happy holiday?  This year’s holiday gathering is not our usual festive holiday lunch but it will allow everyone a healthy and safe opportunity to connect to each other. We will be meeting virtually via Zoom! If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to join in a Zoom meeting, please don’t let that stop you from registering for the Holiday Gathering.  All registrants will be sent easy to follow instructions for connecting via Zoom. As is our practice at our Holiday Gatherings, we want you to dress festive and we will have a draw for Member Prizes.  Please plan to join us!  A reminder invitation will be sent to you in December or you can register now by  emailing Fiona Ghosh Bedlington (>?subject=CCRA Holiday Gathering).


CCRA Website-

Check out the new website for some information, Board minutes and news from the college and retiree community.  If you have an interest in helping build this new site, please email L. Bidwell (


Wellness Wednesday- visit Wellness at Centennial or the CCRA website

Centennial broadcasts a wellness information message on Wednesdays.  If you would like to view the live broadcasts please follow the links below to view the topics such as: Mental Health EssentialsStress and Anxiety Essentials.  Wellness Resources and tips are also available at the site.


2021 CCRA Membership Fees Suspended

It is surprising how far reaching the COVID pandemic has been over the past year and will continue into 2021.  Shutting down our in-person meetings, including our Annual General Meeting (AGM) was very disappointing but necessary. Since we aren’t able to gather together in person, the CCRA Board decided to suspend the collection of the annual membership fee for 2021.   The Board continues to meet through Zoom and members are welcome to join the meetings.   We’re hoping in-person activities can be reinstated in mid-to-late 2021.  If you would like to continue your OCRA membership for 2021, please check the CCRA website for instructions on how to do that.

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Luzia Bidwell

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